Members of the Board of Trustees
as of October 2022

New Board Member

Brenda Man-Fletcher

Returning Board Members

Harmar Brereton
Joanne Bruno
Rollin Bush
David Daniel
Nunzio Gubitosa
Alanna Kaivalya
Heide Kolb
Christina McDonald
Anne Ortelee
Cynthia Poorbaugh
Jane Selinske


The Nominating Committee
of the C.G. Jung Foundation is
happy to announce that the following
2021 Board nominees
have been elected 
to the
Foundation’s Board of Trustees
by an overwhelming majority
 of the ballots
received from our membership:

New Board Members

David W. Daniel
Nunzio Gubitosa
Alanna Kaivalya

Returning Board Members

Harmar D. Brereton
Rollin A. Bush
Heide M. Kolb
Jane Selinske

The Board welcomes them and looks forward
to working with them in the coming year.