Transference | Countertransference

Seminar #2: Spring 2019
12 Wednesdays: 7:00 – 8:30pm
February 6 – May 1 (excluding April 17)

“The transference phenomenon is an inevitable feature of every thorough analysis . . .”
C.G. Jung, CW 16, p. 283

This course will provide an overview of major clinical issues involved in working in the transference/countertransference field. The class will focus on practical clinical application of theoretical concepts. To that end we will look at both Jungian and psychoanalytic writings as applied to actual cases. We will assess various forms of communication through which analyst and analysand interact and experience one another. We will work with the analyst’s countertransference as a vital therapeutic resource.

The course will cover the following topics:
  • Overview of the changing concepts of transference/countertransference from Freud and Jung to current formulations of the Inter-relational Field
  • Projective processes in T/C
  • Frame
  • Multiple modes of consciousness through which we perceive and communicate T/C reactions in the therapeutic field
  • Dreams, Active Imagination and Metaphors in T/C
  • Regression
  • Resistance
  • Intense affects in T/C such as love, hate, envy, etc.
  • T/C with Borderline and Narcissistic patients

Instructor: Irina Doctoroff, LMFT, LP

Learning Objectives:
  1. Develop a general knowledge of the relational dynamics that operate within the therapeutic field: reductively and synthetic/purposively, personally and archetypally.
  2. Observe demonstrations of the relational dynamics through role-play.
  3. Discuss the therapeutic alliance and various forms through which the T/C are expressed in a session.
  4. Apply Jung’s theory of psychic energy to shared T/C experiences and resistances.
  5. Demonstrate how archetypal affects and symbols are experienced within the T/C field.
  6. Demonstrate understanding of T/C dynamics through presentation of a case.


The Jungian Advanced Seminars


Irina Doctoroff, LMFT, LP, Certified Jungian Analyst, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from St. Petersburg University where she specialized in English Language and Literature. She came to the USA in 1992 and earned a graduate degree in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Maryland in College Park. Her interest in Jungian theory started while in graduate school and developed over the years to result in graduating from C.G. Jung Institute of New York in 2011. She now works as a Jungian Analyst and couples therapist in private practice in Manhattan and teachers at C.G. Jung Institute and the C.G. Jung Foundation of New York.

Sanford L. Drob, PhD, , is on the faculty of the C.G. Institute and the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. His latest book, Archetype of the Absolute: The Union of Opposites in Mysticism, Philosophy and Psychology was published by Fielding University Press in 2017. Dr. Drob’s other books include: Reading the Red Book: An Interpretive Guide to C.G. Jung’s Liber Novus (Spring Journal Books, 2012); Kabbalistic Visions: C.G. Jung and Jewish Mysticism (Spring Journal Books, 2010) and Kabbalah and Postmodernism: A Dialog (Peter Lang, 2009). Dr. Drob holds doctorates in philosophy and clinical psychology and served for many years as the Director of Psychological Assessment and Senior Forensic Psychologist at Bellevue Hospital in New York. He is the author of numerous professional articles in clinical, forensic and philosophical psychology. Dr. Drob is also a narrative painter whose work encompasses archetypal themes. His oil paintings can be seen at

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$540  The Master Archetype:
Integrating the Opposites in Life, Thought and Psychotherapy
$900  Both Advanced Seminars, discounted rate

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