Quadrant Summer 2003

Human Connection and Community Mysteries in the Jungian Lineage

— Monika Wikman
Are we an academic institution, a professional training institute? Are we a mystery tradition, a mystery school? These questions resound in Jungian training programs everywhere, and uniquely honed answers reflect divergent dimensions embodied by Jungian individuals and communities. Now, after decades of Jungian analysis, grounding our experience with psyche, in part via the vessel of analytic relationship, the backside of this work has become visible, with numerous conscious and unconscious compensations. …

What’s Wrong with the Jungian Collective?

—James A. Hall
Maybe nothing is wrong with the Jungian collective, but a long series of my dreams, recently reviewed, suggest that either something is wrong with it (objective interpretation) or with my relationship to it (subjective interpretation) or both. The dreams began in the last year of my psychiatry residency. I was working with Rivkah Kluger, my first Jungian analyst. …

Reply to Monika Wikman and James Hall —

Julian David<
Dr. Wikman’s paper brings up, once more, the intellectual and moral confusion into which the Jungian collective has descended; and it puts, I believe, a finger on the cause. It is a “blending of languages and perspectives” not necessarily the best way, as Wikman delicately suggests, of “remaining in contact with the opposites.” …

Archetype: The History and Development of a Concept

— Gary V. Hartman
In 1921 — before he had integrated the concept of archetype into his psychology — Carl Jung wrote what he considered a summation of his model of the human psyche. With that work, Psychological Types, Jung also believed that he had resolved the psychological conundrum that had haunted him much of his life, namely “ the problem of the opposites.” In the “unifying symbol” and the psyche’s inherent self-regulation, Jung felt he had found the keystone to his psychological model. …

Book Reviews

— Matthew J. Greco, Book Review Editor

Head and Heart: A Personal Exploration of Science and the Sacred

Victor Mansfield. Quest Books. Reviewed by Morgan Stebbins.

Jung and Yoga: The Psyche-Body Connection

Judith Harris. Inner City Books. Reviewed by Cynthia Dillon.

Jung and the New Age

David Tacey. Brunner Routledge. Reviewedd by Matthew Greco.