Attachment and Emotional Regulation in Religion and Spirituality

5 consecutive Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Eastern Time, USA, online only via Zoom. 

Beginning April 13, 2023
Instructor: David Walczyk, EdD, LP, NCPsyA

7.5 CE contact hours for licensed NYS Social Workers, Psychoanalysts and Creative Arts Therapists.

The influence and connection between our childhood attachment relationships and our adult relationship and emotional regulation with religion and spirituality will be the focus of this course. Pragmatically, we will reflect on how our attachment style informs and often unconsciously determines the forms of spirituality and religion we are drawn to and reject as adults.

We will focus some of our time on shadow and how religion and spiritualty are often used unconsciously to spiritually bypass the processing and healing of early attachment trauma and emotional dysregulation. Unfortunately, this repression of childhood attunement trauma tends to be encouraged by many within spirituality and religion. We will end by using Jung and Jungian psychology as an applied case study. The implicit correlation between attachment and religion and spirituality in both positive and negative (shadow) senses should be obvious by the end of the course.



Learning Objectives
On completion of this class, you will be able to:

  1. Discern and appraise the different styles of attachment
  2. Comprehend how attachment style informs religion and spirituality and vice versa
  3. Perceive and identify how our attachment style may support or conflict with our religion or spirituality
  4. Grasp the relationship between spiritual and religious attachment and Jungian psychology
  5. Recognize how attachment in spirituality and religion can inform clinical practice
  6. Discern and identify the attachment related biases in Jung and Jungian Psychology

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Maxson J. McDowell, PhD, LMSW, LP, is a senior Jungian analyst in private practice in New York City.  Former President of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology, he is also a longtime faculty member. He has taught courses in dream interpretation online and in person for over 25 years.  He has published papers on dream interpretation, Jungian psychology, narcissistic injury, systems theory and autism.

Cynthia Poorbaugh MFA, LP is a Jungian analyst in private practice in New York, and Cold Spring, NY. She is a faculty member and supervisor for the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, and a member of  the IAAP and IJAS. She has presented papers at psychoanalytic training colloquia and international conferences. She serves on the Board of Trustees for the C.G. Jung Foundation, and teaches for the Foundation’s Continuing Education program. Her area of interest in teaching, writing and research is the relationship between Jung’s archetypal theory and astrology, and how astrology illuminates key facets of Jung’s theory and the symbolic attitude.

David Rottman, MA, is past President of the C.G. Jung Foundation and is a member of the Jung Foundation’s Continuing Education Faculty. He is the author of The Career as a Path to the Soul. He was the editor and publisher for The Way of the Image by Yoram Kaufmann. He has a private practice in New York City.   

David Walczyk, EdD, LP, NCPsyA, is a Jungian trained analyst in private practice in NYC. He is a graduate of Columbia University. He is an award-winning educator, award-winning designer, and has, for over 25 years, shared his ideas and insights through writing, teaching, presentations, and workshops domestically and internationally. He was a Fellow at the prestigious United States National Academy of Science and a Visiting Scholar at the Library of Congress, both in Washington DC. David has been on the faculty of NYU since 2003 and, as a service to our country, has evaluated tens of millions of grant applications for the U.S. Government. For more information visit

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